Vive la paix by Corneille
Vive la paix by Corneille
Vive la paix by Corneille
Vive la paix by Corneille

Vive la paix by Corneille

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Another watch in the line of Swatch models of the kitschier kind. A type of design that became strongly associated with Swatch's famous plastic watches with quartz movement and which is one of the big reasons for their tremendous success in the 80s and 90s. Also, something that has contributed to the construction of the iconic brand that Swatch has become.

This model is designed by the Dutch artist Cornielle, who is one of the founders of the European Expressionist Movement "CoBrA". Cornielle is known for finding inspiration for her artwork in paintings created by children.

 On this watch from 1995 made of classic Swatch plastic, there is, around the azure dial, a transparent case. The dial is a large area blue, to the right is number three, and to the left, you can see a hen enjoying the sun. On the strap, a bunch of birds can be seen flying around the sun.

A Swatch worthy of its name, both artsy and classic in an exciting symbiosis.

Diameter: 33 mm.

Case material: Plastic.

Condition: Mint.

Works upon inspection by Pete & Harry.

Pete & Harry do not guarantee future function of the movement. 

Why Pete & Harry?

Curating a selection of timeless elegance

The Pete & Harry philosophy is one of timelessness, elegance, and sustainability. We look backwards, inwards and to the future - simultaneously. 

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