Triwa Tio
Triwa Tio
Triwa Tio
Triwa Tio

Triwa Tio

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TRIWA ("Transforming the Industry of Watches") is a Swedish watch brand that was founded in 2007 in Stockholm. All their watches are designed in Stockholm with inspiration from the Swedish capital's furniture design, architecture and contemporary art.

This watch was developed in 2017 to celebrate Triwa's tenth anniversary and has therefore been named "TIO" (Ten in Swedish). Triwa Tio was created in 300 copies, and this unique piece is number 5 in the line. It is equipped with an automatic movement and sapphire glass along with an organic leather strap—a classic design in a modern way. 

Diameter: 37 mm.

Case: Golplated.

Condition: Great.

Works upon inspection by Pete & Harry.

Pete & Harry do not guarantee future function of the movement. 

Why Pete & Harry?

Curating a selection of timeless elegance

The Pete & Harry philosophy is one of timelessness, elegance, and sustainability. We look backwards, inwards and to the future - simultaneously. 

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