Time to celebrate a father figure - Sweden's Father's Day November 8th

With the technological revolution all over the world, many types of congratulations have almost been rationalized into just a congratulatory text message or an Instagram post to honour the person concerned. It is a straightforward and effective way to congratulate someone, but how worthy is it?

- I want to claim that, for example, a text message is among the most impersonal and thus unworthy way to congratulate your friend, your sister or your mother.

Therefore, we should all pull ourselves together and genuinely celebrate our loved ones - and why not start with Dad on Father's Day.


It was the American Sonora Smart Dodd who was the first to have the good taste to celebrate Father's Day when she, in 1910, wanted to honour the excellent work her father William did, both as a single father and as a professional. This lovely gesture spread quickly across the United States to the point that President Calvin Coolidge in 1924 issued an official statement from the White House and established Father's Day as an official day to celebrate.

It took a few more years before they started celebrating Father's Day up here in the Nordics and it was not until 1931 that fathers around Sweden were celebrated with gifts and dinners. At first, the celebrations were held in June, but after feeling that it was too close in time to Mother's Day, Father's Day was moved to the second Sunday in November.


There are many critics of this type of celebrations, arguing that Father's Day does not need to be celebrated because of how the world looks like with a strong standing patriarchy, in other words, that men and fathers are already glorified enough in different ways. A more common argument, however, is that Father's Day, and other similar holidays, are merely a way for commercialism to trick consumers into shopping even more.


I choose to see Father's Day as a fantastic opportunity to show appreciation for a wonderful father or another excellent father figure. There are, of course, several nice gestures to make and ways to celebrate your dad on his day; it can, for example, be with a good lunch with family and why not friends. You can also celebrate by going out and have a drink with your dear father or take a walk around town. However, there is one that trumps all of the above - to celebrate Father's Day by inviting your dad to dinner and in connection with that gives him a personal gift - which you advantageously can buy from Pete and Harry.

If you cannot meet your father, perhaps due to the pandemic, or for geographical reasons, there is a perfect solution to this - call your father via video call and see the happiness in his eyes when he opens his nicely packaged Pete and Harry present.


Below are a number of tips on perfect gifts for your elegant father.


Why not give Dad a part of the story? This incredibly stylish and sporty watch is a similar model that the German army used during WWII. It also has a history as a model chosen by American presidents such as Truman, Eisenhower and Johnson. A perfect gift for someone who likes both history and style.



Your dad deserves the best and only the best. These incredibly stylish and cool sunglasses from Ray-Ban looks perfect on an equally cool dad. Also perfectly suited for the upcoming ski season.


Perhaps the most classic Father's Day gift of them all - the tie. Many have dropped the tie as a poor gift, but I think it needs to be made a real effort here and relaunch the tie as a natural part of everyday life, and here we have a perfect opportunity to start. This is a beautiful tie from the classic, New York-based, Brooks Brothers. All men should own a tie from Brooks Brothers.



Linus Johansson