The Downscaled Wardrobe

At Pete & Harry, we’re taking sustainability into consideration with every choice we make. To us, a sustainable lifestyle is part of being a modern gentleman. Since overconsumption is one of the biggest enemies to a sustainable world, we’re taking care of the elegant items that deserve another chance. One part of thinking sustainable in the way you dress is to scale down, because let's be honest - you most likely don’t need half as big a wardrobe as you have now. In today’s entry, I will talk about ties and how you can make due with just five of them.


As the male wardrobe leans more and more towards a casual average, the tie isn’t a natural part of every man's everyday outfit, as it has been. Therefore, I will write about the five ties you need, to maintain a downscaled wardrobe and still be the most elegant man in the room. This is also great for the man who only wears a tie at work and can thus store it at the office.


It’s a matter of selecting the most practical, most useful and most versatile ties, and maybe one or two that stand out a little extra. And if you’re ask me, these should also be the most pleasurable ties, because few things are more pleasurable than dressing simple and elegant.


1. Navy silk tie with prints

A rather plain tie in navy is maybe the most versatile of them all. Navy goes with almost all colours and patterns. This type of modest pattern is very tasteful and useful, and silk is one of the most versatile materials in terms of formality. This one from Drake’s is a great choice.


2. Knitted tie

A knitted tie is a keystone in every man’s tie wardrobe. The best colours are navy or grey. As a grey tie goes absolutely best with grey or navy suits, grey isn’t as versatile, but still quite useful and distinguished. A knitted tie paired with a more casual jacket or to dress up knitwear is never wrong. This one from Harry’s Hardware is elegant yet just perfectly casual.


3. Striped tie

A striped tie, often a club tie, may be one of the most useful ties out there, at least for ties to go with formal suits. Mainly because it can go with almost any pattern of shirt. One thing to look out for, though, is member’s club’s ties – if you’re not a member of this club. Colours, of course, depends on the club you’re a member of.


4. Plain tie

Goes with basically everything, covering the entire spectrum from casual to formal. Be it a formal navy suit or casual jacket and flannel trousers - the plain tie is always elegant. Brown is my personal choice colourwise, but dark green or navy, for example, are just as versatile. 


5. Colourful silk tie

It’s time to play around a little. The fifth and last pick of my downscaled tie wardrobe is the perfect choice for parties. Choose your favourite crazy patterned /coloured tie. My mind goes to Hermès when talking festive ties, they have an almost never-ending amount of colourful and playful motives. This one is typical for Hermès, with their equestrian patterns.


The ties above are some of my favourites in store right now. When choosing your five ties, you should take your type of lifestyle into consideration - what you do at work, what type of meetings and events you attend. If a tie is something you only use at work, somber ties might be the best choice for you. If parties and events are your main occasions for wearing ties, go loco.


//Linus Johansson