Pete & Harry x Alexander Bitar History

The eternal question of price versus quality. How much a product or service is actually worth. Of course, we all have very different perceptions of a fair price or how much an item is worth. There are various aspects to bring into that discussion. One element can be what is frankly affordable. How much does the product cost in terms of production costs, shipping costs, VAT, etc. Then there is also an aspect that is a matter of which brand it is, how much extra it is worth paying for a specific brand or a particular product model. Then you can add emotional value. Perhaps you have a personal connection to the item or an extreme desire to have a type of object because someone you look up to has a similar one. If there is such an emotional value of a product, many of us can accept paying a little (or a lot) extra to get our hands on those unusual cufflinks or a similar watch as JFK had. 


It is the latter that I will talk about today, the emotional value of a commodity. Because that is what our collaboration with Alexander Bitar History is all about: to appreciate the value of pieces with a startling history. Items that have seen important moments of history, that makes them worth so much more.


For some, it may be a matter of being the only one owning a specific item, being alone in having obtained this specific tie worn and signed by the iconic singer Julio Iglesias. For others, it is an investment matter, an investment in a unique item with an appreciating value. A third reason, which goes a little hand in hand with the first, is that you have idolatry to the celebrity who has owned the product before, as it can be in the case of the pens used by former US presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Of course, someone who looks up to them for one reason or another may have a hard time refraining from the idea of owning the same pen they once used in signing important documents. And for one of the pens, you can multiply this by two as Bill Clinton used it as President, but it was also later owned by Frank Sinatra. 


What I am saying is that it is hard work appreciating what such a unique item is worth. There are so many different parameters to take into consideration and to comprehend.


Pete & Harry's collaboration with Alexander Bitar History highlights the elegance of the history behind the products. A perfect storm of historical significance and elegance.


Below is a summary of the products that you can now get your hands on:


John F Kennedy's fountain pen

USA's 35th president and probably the most iconic and famous of them all. After being inaugurated in 1961, he early gained popularity, but sadly, he didn't complete the first term as President. Three years later he was shot dead in Dallas, Texas. 

Offered here is a rare original fountain pen, manufactured by Esterbrook in the early 1960s. The pen is custom-made with a steel nib, black plastic barrel, and a clear lucite top inscribed with the gold-stamped words "THE PRESIDENT – THE WHITE HOUSE". The size is approximately 6.25 inches (16 cm)—perfect condition.

The item is accompanied with a letter of provenance from a White House employee stating that this same pen was given to her by Kennedy in the summer of 1962 after signing executive order #11035 regarding federal office space.




Bill Clinton's personally owned fountain pen, later owned by Frank Sinatra. And a handwritten letter from Clinton to Sinatra.

Clinton served as the 42nd President of the United States during 1993 and 2001 after being the Arkansas Governor. The Democratic leader was known for his centrist "Third Way" political philosophy.


In May 1997, Clinton signed legislation for Frank Sinatra to receive his Congressional Gold Medal Award. A couple of days later, on June 10, 1997, Clinton sent a letter to Frank Sinatra congratulating him for the award. The typed letter is written on White House stationery and addressed to "Mr Frank Sinatra" in his "Sinatra Enterprises" office in Beverly Hills, CA. 


The pen, the hand-signed letter, and an original copy of the act (with printed signatures of President Bill Clinton, Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, and President of the Senate pro tempore Strom Thurmond) were sent to Sinatra in the summer of 1997. A year and a half afterwards, Sinatra sadly passed away. The items were then owned by Sinatra's widow Barbra Sinatra from 1998 to 2018. 


Julio Iglesias tie 

Julio Iglesias personally owned and used tie. An iconic accessory of one of the greatest style icons of all time; a man that also happens to be on the most successful recording artists in music history. 

Iglesias is known for his impeccable style both on and off the stage. He's often seen wearing a tuxedo on stage, but instead of the standard bow tie, he prefers a black-tie. Offered here is indeed a black tie that's been owned and used by Iglesias. The tie has much probably been used on stage, but that's nothing we can guarantee. It's signed on the front side "Love / Julio" in white felt tip. 


The item is accompanied with a letter of provenance by Julio Iglesias himself, typed on a Julio Iglesias stationery, in which he declares that he donates "an autographed tie of mine"; the letter is hand signed "Julio Iglesias / All my love" in black felt tip.



Accompanied with all products are letters of authenticity by Alexander Bitar History, including a lifetime guarantee. 


/Linus Johansson