Pete & Harry 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Few things are appreciated as much as a thoughtful and personal gift. It can be about giving your elegant brother a nice watch, giving dad a nice tie that lights up the winter darkness or why not create your partner perfect conditions for a relaxing holiday with a good book. Give your loved ones the most beautiful Christmas presents, or why not give yourself something nice for Christmas. Regardless, you will find the very best and most elegant gifts here at Pete & Harry. Vintage and preloved products are the Christmas present of the year every year to come.


For the sophisticated connoisseur, and for someone who is a man of the world.

All connoisseurs like to wear a watch from some of the most classic brands, such as Glashütte or IWC. The sophisticated also does not mind wearing a pair of cool sunglasses or walking down the streets with a fantastic leather bag. Here are some of the absolute best gifts for your elegant dad, brother, partner or friend.



GUB Glashütte       


Swatch Olympic Collection Set              
IWC Cal. 89       

Smythson Passport Case      




For the one that stays elegant even at the home office.

Here at Pete & Harry, we are very convinced that you do a better job, and not least feel better by dressing up in a beautiful suit when it's time to work. That is especially true now that many people work from home, and it is easy to fall into the comfort trap. And everyone knows that it's the details that make an outfit, so what's better than giving away a nice tie or a pair of fantastic cufflinks?



Mother of pearl cufflinks



For the most exquisite decorator.

When we spend more and more time at home, not least when the Christmas holidays are around the corner, w things are as important as having a cosy home. And nothing is more homely than carefully selected vintage decorations. Give your dear family members and friends the perfect Ice bucket and drink mixer for the New Year's drinks or give away an exquisite set of spoons.




Butter knife stand





For the one that needs a relaxing holiday.

Give away an experience in the form of a fantastic book about Kennedy or the Duke of Windsor. Or give your loved one a relaxing day on the couch with an iconic copy of the classic Vanity Fair. Reading books and magazines is the best occupation during the Christmas holidays and therefore also the best Christmas present.





Linus Johansson