John F. Kennedy's fountain pen

At Pete & Harry we celebrate the true icon's of style, the men who have made a lasting impact on the world of male elegance. John F. Kennedy was certainly one of these men. An Ivy style trendsetter, oftentimes breaking conventions, and always sharp!

JFK served as the 35th President of the United States after being inaugurated on the 20th of January 1961. Sadly, he didn't finish his first term as President according to plans, as he was shot dead in 1963.

During his three years as President, JFK accomplished 214 game-changing executive actions by signed bills to make the executive orders and presidential proclamations into reality. By doing that, he used custom-made White House pens.

As of today. JFK is not only remembered as one the finest U.S. Presidents in history, he's also widely known as one the greatest style icons in modern times.

Offered here is a very rare original fountain pen, manufactured by Esterbrook in early 1960's. The pen is custom-made with a steel nib, a black plastic barrel, and a clear lucite top inscribed with the gold-stamped words "THE PRESIDENT – THE WHITE HOUSE". The size is approximately 16 cm [6.3 inches]. Very good condition.

These pens were ordered exclusively for JFK as the official bill-signing pens. There a several photographs of JFK using a pen of this kind while signing bills. These were not sold as souvenirs or gifts but strictly ordered for Kennedy.

Notably, JFK's processor, President Dwight D. Eisenhower also used very similar pens, the difference being that Eisenhower's pens were slightly shorter in length, and was completely round at the end of the translucent part, meanwhile JFK’s pens had a little edgy tip.

The item is accompanied with a letter of provenance from a White House employee stating that this very pen was given to her by Kennedy in the summer of 1962 after signing executive order #11035 regarding federal office space, which was signed on July 9, 1962.

The item is accompanied with a letter of authenticity by Alexander Bitar History, including a lifetime guarantee.

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