Interview with the watch enthusiast Zackarias Hammou

Pete & Harry are pleased to be presenting a collaboration with the watch enthusiast, and our new advisor, Zackarias Hammou. Zackarias has a long-time interest in most things concerning watches, but has an extra good eye for vintage watches.

How did your interest in watches come about?
Mostly it comes from my grandfather. I was seven years old when he showed off his collection and I was particularly fond of a Tissot in gold that he received as a thanks for long and faithful service, working within a Swedish authority. I later inherited the same watch. Since then, watches have been a big interest of mine, an interest that I also share with my dad.

What makes watches so interesting?
It is the fine combination of mechanics, technology and looks that a good watch has. There is also an infinite number of small universes within the watch world, so there are always new things to learn. Almost all classic models have a specific history behind them with explanations of specific looks and features. Watches are technical works of art.

Why vintage watches?
The most fascinating thing is that every timepiece is unique and thus more soulful than newly produced watches. It is exciting that there will never produce new ones in the same model. I am also in love with the slightly worn in look, when you see that the watch has lived. It is associated with the fascination about the fact that they were produced with such high quality that they work just as well today as 50 or 60 years ago. Also, there is something special about how vintage watches are designed. They had an eye for proportions where the case and the dial usually harmonize with each other in a much better way than what it looks like on newer watches.

What's the first thing you look for in a watch?
Case. I always look at the case first because the silhouette of a watch is extremely important to me. It must fit well on the wrist. I also look at what the size and shape of the estate look like in relation to the dial - it has to have a great overall impression.

Do you have a dream watch?
There are many. As a collector, there is no specific brand or watch, there are so many out there that you want that it is not possible to choose only one.

What is your vision in the collaboration with Pete & Harry?
I want to help make high-quality vintage watches more accessible to the big masses. I also want to show that quality does not have to be synonymous with expensive. But to sum it all up in one word - accessibility.