Elegance in the Slopes

Nowadays, one of the absolutely hardest places to look elegant in is the slopes. Proper, professional ski attire makes most sense, of course, but is seldomly elegant. As much as I would like to recommend schussing in early 20th century tweeds it might be too big of a stretch. Skiing elegantly dressed these days is walking a tightrope between functional madness and looking like you’re cosplaying.


Since the 70’s, the practicality of modern moisture-resistant/Gore-Tex textiles, alongside the influence of professional winter sportsmen, has made the high-tech look the most common thing for most of us. This can be a bit too much though, there’s no need for the occasional skier to wear the same gear as Lindsey Vonn. It’s not a stretch to say that it looks a bit try-hard, if you gear-up like an alpine world-cup winner.  My best advice is to dress in accordance with your personality. If your style tends to go towards a more classic standard, check out Gianni Agnelli or Gunther Sachs back in the day, they’re doing it brilliantly. Or, if you’re fancying the more urbane, modern looks, follow James Bond in Spectre. My personal favourite slope-style is the one belonging to the always impeccably dressed Prince Charles.



Take into consideration general style and level of your skiing ability. Mix in iconic touches and influences from vintage styles, combined with modern functionality, to get the perfectly balanced ski-chicness. And, maybe most importantly, choose your sunglasses or goggles very carefully – that’s what separates the good from the excellent.


Next issue, talking ski trips, is the after-ski outfit. In my opinion the 70’s is the decade to draw inspiration from. Slip on a contrast turtleneck and a cashmere sports coat, maybe together with a pair of flannel trousers. I woukld even go as far as suggesting wearing a pair of soft washed jeans with a sturdy classic pair of moonboots. Filip in the photo below does it excellently. 


//Linus Johansson.