Casual Friday or Tieday Friday

There is a widespread tradition in offices around the world called "Casual Friday", most of you have probably come in contact with it or at least heard of it. However, what it means is, that on Fridays you are allowed to leave the formal dress code and come to work in a more casual and possibly more comfortable outfit than what is worn the rest of the week. It all stems from the idea that, on Fridays, after four days of hard work with meetings, stress and fatigue and everything else that belongs to the normal work week, you have earned going into the weekend comfortably dressed. It has mainly been for bankers and other jobs where you're required to wear formal work outfits. However, it is unclear how much this tradition is needed today, as the formality of workwear has been drastically reduced, and in many ways, no longer exists. Not even for those who have traditionally required an extremely high level of formality in what they wear at work. I mean, is it even possible to dress down from jeans and a t-shirt?

I believe that formal attire is good, not least when at work, where you meet customers and clients. It's to show the people you meet the respect they deserve. I also firmly believe that your work moral can increase if you feel appropriately dressed. This way, you can trick yourself into making less intriguing work tasks feel like you are sitting with the atomic football codes. I don't mean that you have to wear a tie every day (well, yes I do) but at least think about your representativeness. And, if you promptly don't want to wear a tie, you can still wear a jacket with a crewneck or turtleneck if you prefer.

But, what I try to inspire with this text is a turn. A turn where we leave Casual Friday behind us and instead introduce Casual Monday as a tradition at the office. Doesn't that sound both more interesting and more reasonable? My thought is based on the fact that on Mondays it is okay to allow yourself a soft start to the week. Sunday's slackness has not subsided yet, and you feel a little tired, then it's perfect with a casual Monday. You can start with a pair of flannel trousers and a nice sweater, maybe even allow yourself wearing sneakers. Then the formality increases as the week progresses. And on Friday, you are so elegantly dressed that you could be mistaken for being on your way to your own wedding. Tie, suit and spit-shine on your black oxfords. It's hard to imagine anything more satisfying than an office where all workers are dressed to perfection, ready for an after work party. It would also make you go into the weekend with a little extra spring in the step and good vibes all around.


//Linus Johansson.