Agnelli - The last King of Italy

Enough has been written on the subject of Giovanni (more known as Gianni) Agnelli's career and conquests as an industrialist, politician and international playboy. Naturally, we are more intrigued by his status as a classic style icon.

During his 81 years (1921-2003) Gianni broke more sartorial "rules" than most men ever learn. He knew the minutiae of classic menswear though, being a bespoke customer from childhood (partial to tailoring house A Caraceni of Milan) and born into a wealthy and influential family, so he developed a sense of personal style that often balanced on a knife edge between elegant and ridiculous. More often than not his quirks worked: 

- Successfully wearing his watch on top of his shirt cuff - check!

- Wearing a Brooks Brothers oxford shirt with the button down collar unfastened, combined with a tie - check!

- Wearing hiking boots with a bespoke suit - check!

- Wearing a tie with a longer back blade - check!

- Wearing a few buttons unbuttoned on his jackets - check!

- Double denim - check!

So many faux pas, and yet always (well almost always) coming out on top. Only a man of Gianni's stature could have pulled it off!