Personal Style

You can have very different thoughts about what is stylish, cool, or the "right" style. You can be very fashionable and up to date with the latest trends, or you can be more focused on a classic, timeless style. No matter what style you like and choose to wear, we are all influenced by our surroundings and its people. Of course, we are influenced by movie stars, singers, general celebrities or sometimes people we meet along the street. And today, just as much, if not more, we get inspired by people appearing in different feeds on social media. In that way, we all have the chance to become a style icon, at least for our very own small community of friends and followers.

At the same time, many of us have one or two people that we admire a little extra, either because they always manage to have a cool appearance or make any given outfit look perfect. It is then easy to stare blindly and end up in the classic copy trap. But do not try to be someone else. Be yourself. Look, be inspired and create your unique aesthetics, and all of a sudden, you are the coolest cat in town.

Yves Montand and Jean-Michael Basquait.


Very few people create their unique style, because it is simply not possible to invent the wheel as many times as we may like. I am the first to admit that there is an inspiration from celebrities and movie stars in my bearing of clothes and my style. I often copied parts from people I follow on Instagram or artists I read about in various magazines. But still, I try as much as possible to avoid stealing an outfit. It very rarely turns out the right way. Of course, this can be due to many different things, such as body shape, posture or general personality.

With your sources of inspiration, you will find your style, which you think is stylish and makes you comfortable. Whether it is modern fashionable, classically elegant or a mixture of both, does not matter.
In conversations about style, people generally talk about a specific jacket model, shoe model, or modern trousers type. In my opinion, people far too rarely talk about fit and accessories. Because I think it is with a specific fit that you start to develop your style. You decide which silhouette you want and which one fits you the best. Then you can then choose from the garments that apply under the description.

One of the many books that might inspire personal style growth.

Another style mistake that many people make is not putting enough soul and love into the choice of accessories and details that belong to their outfit. Because few things can ruin an, otherwise perfect, outfit as much as a pair of ugly sunglasses or an odd belt. Similarly, a carefully selected cardholder or an elegant notepad can be the last little detail that makes you go from good to perfection. As the cliché says, it is often in the small details that the elegance is found.

That is why it is essential to select your accessories carefully. Both to look as good as possible (for who does not want that) and express who you are. And then my very best tip is to go to both famous and lesser-known people to find inspiration and to enjoy the art that is clothing and style. You can start by resting your eyes for a while on the pictures here, allow yourself to dream and be inspired.



This is the Brazilian aviator and aeronautical engineer Alberto Santos-Dumont, a  living proof of the fact that a tie is always essential.

/Linus Johansson